What is PHP used for? 9 cool things you can do with PHP

26 thoughts on “What is PHP used for? 9 cool things you can do with PHP”

  1. I have gone through your article which was on common applications of PHP. It is widely used to create dynamic websites and web applications. Some common applications of PHP include:
    1.Content Management Systems (CMS)
    2.E-commerce Websites
    3.Social Networking Websites
    4.Web Applications
    5.Web Services
    These are some points which I thought to include in your article. Readers, If you want to Develop your PHP website, you can take a free consultation from a company like Alakmalak technology. As they helped me a lot.

  2. Thanks so much for this objective analysis. Am currently with a task of implementing a chat feature inside an existing php billing system.

    Am aware that Sockets.IO provides good functionality for such however my challenge is to use php with NodeJS just like you mentioned how can we use these technologies together.

    The article is so informative and educational. Am sure going to use it as a reference even for other projects which need strengths from different technologies.

    • Thank you for your comment, Ashe.

      About Node.JS and PHP, the idea is that you can run the Node.JS Server on its own port (for example, 8080) while still having a PHP backend server on the standard HTTP(S) port. You can either use client-side JavaScript to send commands to both systems, or you can send commands to the PHP backend only and let PHP connect to the local Node.JS server to communicate its operations.

  3. Thanks for sharing this. I tried to learn PHP a little. Great post for me and people who are already using other languages ​​like asp or laravel and want to learn PHP. It is very useful. Continue the great work. I just want to say that there is no need to dive too deeply into PHP if you don’t want to. A generic encoder can simply choose what it needs for a particular scenario.
    check article on this topic https://axisbits.com/blog/Why-are-web-projects-using-PHP-so-popular

  4. PHP has the widest open source contribution options that make it easy platform to start and scale to enterprise level advanced business solutions. Thank for the wonderful post.

  5. Thanks Alex
    Clear and well organize articles.
    I’m using php for quite a while but always I learn new things
    and that’s important.

  6. Wow, you’re right, I didn’t know about the GD library. Or maybe I did – I looked in php.ini and it’s already activated, so maybe I tried it years ago and forgot about it. Either way, thanks – that’s something I actually need, and I was already going to implement image processing with C++, but with PHP it does sounds easier.

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  7. Wawww awesome! You do great Job Alex ! extremely happy to find your website ! I feel already that I will learn a lot with you in PHP ! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with others ! Keep doing this good work please !


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