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Is your PHP code secure against web attacks?

Don’t take risks. Learn how to write secure PHP code and stop worrying.

PHP Security Mastery

What happens if your PHP apps are not secure?

30,000 new websites are hacked every day. (source: WebARX)

If your PHP apps are not secure, they can become an easy target.

Web attacks can cause data leaks, service disruption and financial loss.
If this happens to your clients, they will not trust you anymore and you will lose your reputation.

If you want to stand out among 6 million PHP developers like you, then you need to know about PHP security.


PHP developers

source: Slashdata


Mastering PHP security will let you:

  • stop worrying about the risk of you or your clients being hacked
  • acquire a real skill to use in every kind of PHP project
  • make your clients trust you and appreciate your work

Security is a top priority for all kinds of PHP projects.

Freelancers and companies websites

How can you trust a freelancer or a company that cannot even keep its website safe?

Online services and SAAS

An attack can take the whole service offline and compromise the customers’ data.

WordPress themes and plugins

When a vulnerability is found in a theme or plugin, reviews and ratings fall down.

Back-end and REST services

Hackers can access sensitive data, take the service offline or use it for DDOS attacks.

The one thing that all your clients want.

Each of your clients is different.

But they all need security.

All your clients are scared by the risk of being hacked. They are all afraid that the next attack will disrupt their businesses.

And they don’t sleep at night, worried that someone will steal their data. Or worse… their customers’ data.

PHP security


But your clients need to care about their own businesses.

They want their developers to take care of the apps security. If their developers cannot provide them the security they want, they will hire someone else who can.


If you can give your clients that security, they will love working with you.

Why should they hire another developer, and keep living in fear of the next attack, when they can let you do the work and stop worrying?

It’s a win-win situation: you get the job, your clients get the security.

PHP job

How do you become confident about your code security?

You must be confident about your security skills.

You can try looking on Google. But…

  • What do you need to search, exactly?
  • How can you be sure you are not missing something important?
  • Can you trust the answers you find?
  • How do you apply what you find, in practice?
  • What if you still have doubts or questions?

In the end, you will always wonder if your code is really secure (and you will lose a lot of your time).


The solution you need is a learning program you can trust.

This is why I created this course.


PHP Security Mastery
PHP Security Mastery

PHP Security Mastery is my step-by-step course with one, specific goal:
Teach you how to write secure PHP applications.


PHP Security Mastery is perfect for you if:


You know nothing about PHP security, and you want to learn starting from scratch.


You have some experience with PHP security, but you want to become 100% confident about it.


You are confused about all the security risks and defense techniques, and you want to clear all your doubts.

What you will learn from this course.

1. Clear all your doubts about PHP security.

There are different ways attackers can hit you, from Sessions Hijacking to XSS attacks.
By the end of this course you will know them all. Finally, you will have no more doubts about your code security.


2. Learn how to make your code secure, in practice.

How do you make your code secure, in practice?
This course will show you exactly how to handle each risk, with working examples you can use right away.


3. Help your clients secure their PHP applications.

With your new skills, you will provide your clients with safe PHP code and help them secure their own applications.

1. Clear all your doubts.

2. Make your code secure.

3. Make your clients’ code secure.

What makes PHP Security Mastery different?

Many PHP courses provide you with tons of lessons and information. But information is useless if you don’t acquire a real skill.

What if you have doubts or questions? What if you don’t know how to apply what you have learned?


PHP Security Mastery comes with unlimited, lifetime direct support with me through the course comments section, where you can ask me anything about each lesson.

Do you have doubts or questions? Just leave a comment and I will answer.

Do you need help understanding the code? Ask me and I will clear your doubts.

In other words: you can be sure to learn everything from each lesson and acquire a real skill.


Other courses

How much will you really learn?


PHP Security Mastery

You are sure to learn and understand every lesson.

What students say about the course:

Prior to enrolling I didn’t know how to secure a site using PHP, and trying to figure out how to do so on my own was a daunting task.

This type of information was very difficult to figure out on my own via research on the web. I’m very happy this course exists and I wish I found it sooner than I did.

One thing I particularly like about this course is the fact that I’m learning from someone who has done this stuff before. It’s not just theory in a textbook or something I have to piece together on my own.

I’ve always been a proponent of learning from someone who is doing or has done what you want to do, and I feel confident in my PHP security skills now.

Absolutely worth the cost, no question.

Ryan B.

How PHP Security Mastery works.

I designed PHP Security Mastery to be crystal clear and easy to follow.

Here is how it works:


  • Each security concept is introduced and explained, starting from the basic concepts to the more advanced topics.
    Vulnerabilities and defense techniques are described in detail.
    Nothing in the course is left unexplained.


  • The course provides you with the PHP code implementation of each technique, so you’ll have no doubts about how it works in practice.
    And you can copy and use the code right away.


  • The course contains examples of attacks and defense techniques.
    So, you can see how it all works in a real context.

About the author.

Hi, I’m Alex, the author of PHP Security Mastery.

I have been working as a PHP developer since the early 2000’s.
After becoming passionate about web programming while building a music website, I started working as a freelance PHP developer.

I eventually got hired by my city’s University as web developer and system administrator.

A few years later, I joined my current hi-tech company where I focus on web services, data analysis and security.

What’s inside the course?


Chapter 1


  • Introduction to variable validation
  • Type checking
  • Integer checking
  • Float checking
  • Limit checking for numbers
  • Limit checking for strings and other types
  • JSON validation
  • JSON validation: example
  • Filters and string functions
  • Custom validation functions
  • Regular expressions as filters
  • Blacklists
  • Whitelists
  • Type casting for validation?
  • Quiz

Chapter 2


  • Sessions-related attacks
  • Basic Fixation attacks
  • Two-step Fixation attacks
  • How to prevent Hijacking attacks
  • How to mitigate Hijacking attacks
  • One-time tokens
  • Session access timeout
  • Virtual Sessions
  • Sessions configuration
  • Quiz

Chapter 3 (click to expand)


  • What is an XSS attack?
  • Reflected and Stored XSS
  • How to prevent XSS attacks
  • HTML elements and sanitization
  • URLs sanitization
  • Nested contexts
  • Further steps
  • Quiz

Chapter 4 (click to expand)


  • Introduction to CSRF
  • How to execute CSRF attacks
  • Anti-CSRF tokens
  • HTML-based tokens
  • Cookie-based tokens
  • Sessions login with samesite strict
  • Custom header tokens
  • Token timeout strategies
  • Login CSRF attacks
  • Referer and Origin headers
  • Stateless double-check tokens
  • Quiz

Chapter 5 (click to expand)


  • File upload security
  • File name validation
  • Extension validation
  • Name collisions
  • Forced file name
  • File size limits
  • File content validation
  • Upload location
  • Database storage
  • Quiz

Appendix (click to expand)


  • Introduction
  • Execution control
  • Information exposure
  • Defense
  • Sessions

Bonus content included in the Pro version


Bonus chapter


  • The SQL Injection menace
  • Database connection
  • Destructive attack example
  • Data breach attack example
  • Escaping explained
  • Escaping with MySQLi
  • Escaping with PDO
  • Prepared statements explained
  • Prepared statements with MySQLi
  • Prepared statements with PDO
  • Blind SQL Injections
  • Second order SQL Injections
  • Database permissions
  • Quiz

Bonus chapter (click to expand)


  • How to encrypt and store passwords
  • 2-Factor authentication
  • How to control login sessions
  • Password reset
  • Username-based login limiting
  • IP-based login limiting
  • Authentication tips

Bonus chapter (click to expand)


  • PHP Exceptions and security
  • Code injection
  • Reverse tabnabbing
  • GET vs POST
  • Type juggling and strict comparison
  • System commands
  • Email injection
  • Code scanners
  • Security principles

What students say about the course:

I was a bit intimidated by the subject thinking it was too complex.

But the individual lessons are short and easy to digest. The code snippets are concise and comprehensible.

I have learned several tools to use against specific types of attacks, and I have already applied them to one of my applications.

Dave M.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PHP Security Mastery and what will I learn?

PHP Security Mastery is my step-by-step course focused on PHP security.

By the end of the course, you will have no more doubts about PHP security. You will be able to write secure PHP code from the ground up and make your existing PHP projects secure.

How long will it take to complete the course?

There is no time limit. The course takes about 4 weeks to complete, but you can take as much time as you like.

For how long will I have access to the course?

You will have lifetime access to all the course lessons and bonus material, including future course updates.

Is it a live course? Do I need to show up at a particular time?

No, you don’t need to show up live. PHP Security Mastery is designed so that you can go at your own pace. If you need to take a break (you are going on vacation, you have a busy time) you won’t miss anything.

All the lessons are always available anytime you want to access them.

I'm a PHP beginner, is this course for me?

The sooner you learn about PHP security, the better. This course does not require any advanced PHP knowledge, and you can learn what you need as you move on through the lessons.

I'm really busy right now, this isn't a great time for me...

PHP Security Mastery is built for busy students and developers. It’s 100% focused on what you really need, so you can save time for yourself.

Plus, you can review the lessons at your own pace.

Isn't my framework already securing my code?

Unfortunately, this is a common misconception. Frameworks may help you organize your code, but making the code secure it’s always up to you.

Where is the course hosted?

The course is hosted on Teachable, one of the world leading online course platforms.

When do I get access to the course?

As soon as you enroll you will get access to the whole course.

Will I need to pay for an online hosting?

No. You can download a free PHP local development environment to replicate the exercises and to test your code.

There are other PHP courses out there. What makes PHP Security Mastery different?

Many PHP courses are confusing and hard to follow. You don’t know how much you will really learn.

With PHP Security Mastery, you get unlimited direct support with me through the course comments section. You can ask me anything related to each lesson.

This way, you are guaranteed to get the most out of the course.

What if this course is not for me?

You are not risking anything. If PHP Security Mastery doesn’t work for you, you’ll get all your money back. You can count on Teachable full 30-day guarantee to get a complete refund (you don’t even need to contact me).

I have another question...

I’m here to answer all your questions.

Send me a message using the Messenger widget on the right or send me an email at:

30 day money-back guarantee.

Your enrollment is protected by Teachable 30 day, no questions asked money-back guarantee.

You can try the course risk-free. If it doesn’t work for you, you’ll get all your money back immediately.

Enroll and start learning:



One-time payment. Lifetime access.

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