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Can’t make your PHP code work?

Here is how to get your code fixed and verified.

Alex PHP Code Review

Alex PHP Code Review

Sometimes, you really need some help to make your code work.

I remember my very first PHP project.

It was a music website that I made together with some friends.

Back then I* had almost no experience. I used to spend hours and hours working on my code, trying to make it work the way I wanted.

It was difficult, but I enjoyed it. After all, I was doing it for fun.


*This is me, Alex.


But… things changed when I started to code for work.

Coding was not a game anymore. It was part of my job.

I had to make sure that my code was working properly. And I had to do it quickly to meet my deadlines.

It wasn’t always easy.

Many times I got stuck, unable to make my code work as I wanted. I wasted a lot of time because I didn’t have enough experience.

I needed my code to work, but I didn’t know how to fix it. What was I doing wrong? Was there something important I didn’t know?

I just had too many doubts. And I felt trapped.


At those times, I wish there were someone to help me. Someone who could fix my code for good and clear my doubts.

I would have saved so much of my precious time!


Now, after almost 20 years of PHP programming experience, this doesn’t happen to me anymore. I have learned how to write code that works, quickly and without errors.

But it took me a long time to get to this point.

I’m sure you will get to this point, too.

But what if you need help now? What if you are stuck with a piece of code and you can’t make it work?

You don’t need to waste your precious time or let your doubts stop you.

If you want, I’m here to help you with your code.

I will review it, fix it, and make sure it works the way you want. And you can invest your precious time in a better way.

Alex PHP Code Review

Alex PHP Code Review

I can fix and verify your PHP code.

I have been working as a PHP developer for almost 20 years. Writing and fixing PHP code is my daily job.

If you need help with your PHP code, I can put my experience at your service.

This is what you will get when you apply for my code review service:

A personal review of your code

I will personally check the code you send me to fix your bugs. I will also make sure that your code is well structured and without major issues.

A security audit


I will make sure that your code is secure from web attacks and it meets my strict security policies.

Work documentation


I will provide you with the full technical documentation of the review work (so you can also learn from my work).

Full email support

We will work together. You can contact me via email at any time. We can also schedule a chat session to discuss about your requirements.

What makes my code review service different?

Many developers provide code reviews for different languages (JavaScript, CSS, PHP, Node, Python…)

That seems convenient. But can they really offer a professional service for each of these languages?

When you ask for a PHP code review, you want the developer to be a PHP expert.

You don’t want a “full-stack” developer who also knows something about PHP…

This is why I focus on PHP code reviews only.

When you apply for my code review, you can be sure to get a qualified solution for your PHP needs.


"Full stack" developers reviews

You hope the developer knows PHP well enough…


My PHP-focused review

You get a qualified service for your PHP code.

Is my review service right for you?

My PHP code review service is perfect for you, if:


You need to make your code work, but you can’t do it and you need help.


You don’t want to waste your time fixing your code.


There are specific bugs you need to fix.


You want to make your code secure against web attacks.


You need help with your code structure, logic, or implementation.


You are not sure if you code is correct, and you want a professional review.

How does it work?

You can apply for my code review service in 3 simple steps:

1. Fill the code review form.
I will ask you for your code (as a file or as a link to an online repository), your requirements, and your details so I can send you my offer.
If you want, we can also schedule a chat session.

2. Wait for my reply.
I will check your code and reply to you with my offer. You can decide to accept my offer or decline it.

3. As soon as you accept my offer, I start working on your code review.


1: Fill the form and send me your code and your data.

2. Wait for my reply with my offer.


3. Get your code reviewed, fixed, and verified.

Who am I?


Hi, I’m Alex.

I have been working as a PHP developer since the early 2000’s.
After becoming passionate about web programming while building a music website, I started working as a freelance PHP developer.

I eventually got hired by my city’s University as web developer and system administrator.

A few years later, I joined my current hi-tech company where I focus on web services, data analysis and security.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does your code review offer?

If you can’t make your PHP code work, I will fix it for you and make sure it works the way you want.

I will also make sure your code is properly structured and secure from web attacks.

You will also get a PDF report of the work I have done.

What will I get?

After my code review is done, I will send you:

  • Your PHP code, fixed and verified (as a zip file).
  • A PDF report with all the details of the work done.
How is your code review different from other review services?

I think you deserve a highly qualified, professional service.

Many web developers provide “full-stack” code reviews. They review CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python… and even more. Are they really experts in all such languages? Or they simply know something about them all?

I know all such languages as well. But I decided to focus on PHP only to guarantee a professional service.

How long will it take for you to review my code?

It depends on your code complexity, your requirements and on my schedule.

After you have filled the review form, I will send you a precise time deadline together with my offer.

I'm a PHP beginner, can you review my code?

Of course!

If you are a beginner, you probably have a lot of doubts and questions. Thanks to my code review you will improve your PHP skills faster and you will save a lot of time.

What do I need to send you, exactly?

You need provide me with the code to review. Remember to inclue all I need to test and verify your code.

If your code is part of a web application, you should send me everything I need to make the app work on my environment, including the SQL code to replicate the database.

Don’t worry if you can’t send me everything right away. If I need something more, I will personally contact you.

What if you can't solve my problem?

I personally evaluate each request. I take the job only if I’m sure I can guarantee the result.

On top of that, I offer a “30 day satisfaction guarantee”. If you are not happy with the result, you can contact me within 30 days (more details on the guarantee section below).

Which payment methods do you accept?

You can pay with PayPal or with a credit card.

How do I know how much it will cost me?

After you have sent me your request, I will carefully evaluate it and estimate my work. I will send you my offer with the final price. The offer comes without obligations and you can freely decide to accept or decline it.


I have another question...

I’m here to answer all your questions.

Just send me an email at:

30-day Satisfaction Guarantee.

If for any reason you are not happy with the code review, you can contact me within 30 days.

Just send me an email explaining why you are not satisfied with the review work. If you prefer, we can also schedule a chat session.

I will review your code again to meet the requirements of the initial offer, at no extra cost for you.

How to ask for a code review?

Click the button below to fill the review form:

Review price:

$80 / 1 hour


Note: to offer a high quality service, I only work on max 2 projects per month.


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