To become a successful PHP developer, you must acquire the right skills.

You need the right information and a learning plan.

My courses will guide you through the learning process, giving you exactly what you need without wasting your time.

My courses are entirely designed and written by me.

PHP Security Mastery

Is your PHP code secure against web attacks?

30,000 new websites are hacked every day. If your PHP apps are not secure, they can become an easy target.

Learn how to write secure PHP code to:

  • stop worrying about the risk of you or your clients being hacked
  • acquire a real skill to use in every kind of PHP project
  • make your clients trust you and appreciate your work

PHP Security Mastery is my PHP security learning course.

PHP Security Mastery

About the author.

Hi, I’m Alex.

I have been working as a PHP developer since the early 2000’s.
After becoming passionate about web programming while building a music website, I started working as a freelance PHP developer.

I eventually got hired by my city’s University as web developer and system administrator.

A few years later, I joined my current hi-tech company where I focus on web services, data analysis and security.