PHP tip 5: retrieve a remote resource with fopen()

The fopen() function is incredibly helpful: you can use it to read data from remote locations using different protocols.
Profiling with time() and microtime()

PHP tip 4: profiling with time and microtime

If a PHP script is taking too much time to complete, you can isolate the piece of code responsible for the long execution time using time() and microtime().

PHP tip 3: Date operations with mktime

The mktime() function returns the Unix Timestamp of a specific date-time, but it has another incredibly useful feature: it can perform date-time operations.

PHP tip 2: Where to store access data

In some cases you need to keep access data unencrypted. What is the best way to keep this data as secure as possible?

PHP tip 1: The Debug flag

The Debug Flag is an easy and elegant solution for when you need to manually debug a script changing some of the code for debugging purposes.
SQL injection

SQL injection complete guide: all you need to know to stay safe and stop worrying

SQL injections are one of the most dangerous attacks against web applications. With this guide you will learn how to stay safe (using the “three essential steps” for security and prevention) and how to protect your PHP code.
Time zone

PHP Time handling: the ultimate guide (Part 3/3)

This post focuses on how to handle time zones and daylight-saving time changes. As a web developer, sooner or later you will need to deal with time zones. This is your chance to master this topic, so keep reading and feel free to ask any questions in the comments.
World map

PHP Time handling: the ultimate guide (Part 2/3)

In this second part of the guide you will see the most important time related PHP functions and how to use them properly. You will also learn how to solve the leap seconds problem introduced in part 1 (with a complete example).

PHP Time handling: the ultimate guide (Part 1/3)

Without knowing the fundamental concepts related to time measurement it’s very easy to make mistakes. This guide starts from the beginning explaining how UTC was born and how it actually works, and then moving into the practical PHP programming techniques and functions and explaining how to use them properly.

PHP Sessions explained

In this post you will find a simple introduction to Sessions with some examples on how to use them, a more in depth analysis of the most important functions and some facts about security that you should be aware of.