PHP login

PHP Login with Sessions and MySQL: the Complete Tutorial

A complete PHP class you can download right away (examples included). Login with MySQL and Sessions, account registration, password security and more.
Bad habits of PHP developers

5 Bad Habits of PHP Developers (and How to Break Them)

What are the 5 worst PHP programming habits that I’ve seen during my work? And what is the easiest way to break them for good? Let’s find out…
PHP with MySQL

How to use PHP with MySQL: the complete tutorial (with examples)

This is the definitive, step-by-step guide to learn how to use PHP with MySQL, including working examples with MySQLi and PDO.
PHP memory usage

How to check how much memory your PHP scripts use: a tutorial with examples

How to check how much system memory your PHP script is using with the memory_get_usage() and memory_get_peak_usage() functions.
What is PHP used for?

What is PHP used for? 9 cool things you can do with PHP

Keep reading to see 9 amazing examples of how you can use PHP (besides creating web pages).You’ll be surprised to see how many things PHP can be used for.
How to learn PHP

How to learn PHP from scratch

Do you want to learn PHP but you have no experience? Here are the exact steps to go from absolute beginner to PHP developer.

PHPMailer complete tutorial with examples: how to send emails with PHP (updated in 2018 with Composer installation)

Master PHPMailer with this complete and updated 2018 tutorial: installation and setup steps (including Composer), PHPMailer class functionalities, error handling and Gmail SMTP configuration, all with working code examples.

PHP tip 9: 4 cases where you must use strict comparison

When you use strict comparison, two values are never considered equal if their types differ. Are there any cases where strict comparison is always required?

PHP tip 8: Object-oriented style “getter” and “setter” functions example

How to implement getter and setter functions (a standard oop paradigm) in PHP classes (with a short, commented example).
PDO database connection

PHP tip 7: how to use PDO to connect to your database

A quick and simple example on how to use PDO (the recommended database extension) to establish a database connection and send an SQL query.