Javascript Coding Cards

Learn Javascript quickly with the Coding Cards

Are you struggling to learn Javascript? Here’s how the Javascript Coding Cards can help you learn Javascript quickly and effectively.
PHP Redirect

PHP Redirect Tutorial

How to redirect in PHP using the PHP header() location, HTML and JavaScript (and the mistake to avoid): the complete tutorial with examples.
PHP interfaces

PHP Interfaces Explained

Let’s find out what PHP Interfaces are, how to use them (with examples) and how they differ from abstract classes.
PHP class constructors

PHP Constructors Explained

A simple tutorial on how PHP class constructors work, including the rules for constructors inheritance and the new PHP 8 argument promotion.
PHP abstract classes

PHP Abstract Classes Explained

This is a super-simple tutorial about abstract classes in PHP. Learn how PHP class abstraction works, how to use abstract methods, and all the abstraction rules that you need to know.
code monitoring

How Code Execution Monitoring can help you identify bugs and bottlenecks in your application before your customers do

Monitoring is the way to avoid incidents and retain customers as long as possible – which means stable income for your business over time.
PHP Class Inheritance

PHP Inheritance: How to Inherit Classes in PHP

Let’s see how class inheritance works in PHP and how to use the “extends”, “parent” and “final” keywords (with code examples).
PHP debug

How to debug PHP (without a debugger)

In this tutorial you will learn how to debug your PHP scripts without a debugger. Error reporting, variable and function debugging, and logging.
PHP password hashing

PHP Password Hashing tutorial

In this tutorial I show you how to perform PHP password encryption. You will learn how to use password_hash() and password_verify(), with step-by-step examples.

PHP JSON complete tutorial (with examples)

This is the definitive PHP JSON tutorial. Learn how to encode and decode JSON objects, set the JSON content-type, JSON validation and more. Examples included.